JobStreet Celebrates 25 Years in Malaysia


As part of its 25th Anniversary celebrations, JobStreet is giving away for free 2.5million job ads

“Throughout the past 25 years, JobStreet by Seek has enjoyed successful partnerships with employers in Malaysia, while also supporting jobseekers in their professional lives.

“We have also contributed enormously to the employment landscape, as the thought leader with our annual signature reports and job market insights. As a socially accountable and responsible corporate citizen, we have to take on greater responsibilities for the communities we operate in so that we continue being Malaysia’s and SEA’s ‘partner in growth.”

These were the words of JobStreet Malaysia Managing Director Vic Sithasanan, who also emphasised that JobStreet shall continue to ‘innovate with purpose’.

It is this sense of purpose that continues to fuel JobStreet to greater heights. This mission is centred upon enabling people to live more fulfilling and productive working lives while empowering organisations to succeed in their various endeavours.

“It’s a very noble vision. We are a job marketplace matching talent with job opportunities, and we also match companies with talent they are looking for,” said Vic.

“Hence, we serve both sides of the marketplace. For us, we are helping people get jobs – it could even be their first job on the way to building a career, or it could be an upgrade so that people can enjoy a better life – and these are noble purposes we have stayed committed to all these years.

“At the same time, we are empowering organisations to realise their fullest potential by enabling them to attract, hire and retain the right talent,” he added.

“With our understanding and insights on each market, as well our passion for technology, we provide jobseekers the best opportunities and deliver exceptional value to employers.”

In November 2014, JobStreet became part of Seek Limited, the world’s largest online employment marketplace. As part of the Seek family, JobStreet leverages world-class products to match talented job seekers with reputable employers across the region.

Today, Seek has a team of some 3,500+ talented individuals, giving the group a strong local presence not only in Malaysia but also throughout Asia Pacific and Latin America.

“We are committed to continuously improving the value we provide to jobseekers and employers. To deliver on this, we continue to evolve our product and service offerings to better facilitate the matching of talent with companies,” said Vic.

As part of its 25th Anniversary celebrations, JobStreet is giving away for free 2.5million job ads for hirers in Malaysia (from now until 30 June 2023 or while allocations lasts).

“It’s just a gesture from us to help in the nation’s economic recovery following the two hard years of the pandemic,” said Vic.

As a result, employers would be able to get access to millions of talent in Malaysia from a company four times more successful at placing talent with employers, being the first choice among job seekers in Malaysia, according to the ‘Jobseeker and Employer Market Survey 2020’ by a third-party research agency and JobStreet’s internal data.

Employers, thus, are assured of a large and diverse talent pool, advanced matching capability due to JobStreet’s proprietary A.I. Smarter Search and comes with holistic hiring and end-to-end total HR solutions coupled with actionable insights.

Moving forward, JobStreet’s ‘culture of innovation’ will continue encompassing all aspects of the company.

A prime example is the marketing function, which has also evolved throughout the decades to constantly protect and enhance the brand’s image, improvement in public relations while also identifying and reaching out to the target audience and creating demand.

JobStreet’s marketing engine is a well-oiled one, consistently coming up with innovative campaigns to capture the public’s imagination while utilising imagery and word associations tied to emotional responses.

“JobStreet’s culture of innovation has enabled the Group to grow from strength to strength throughout the past 25 years. Long may it continue for the next 25 years and beyond,” concluded Vic.

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