AXA Continues To Build Capabilities In The New Normal With Digitalisation


The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a unique opportunity for AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad (AXA) to accelerate the resilience, adaptability and agility of its workforce in the new normal. To help employees to stay relevant, AXA continuously finds innovative ways to build capabilities with digitalisation, given the foreseeable trends and current context that is bounded by restrictions in physical engagement activities and limited connectivity.

“Upending the new digital approach in supporting our customers and AXA staff during this pandemic has affirmed our belief that technology and digitalisation are key success ingredients for building business resilience. We must deploy a two-prong approach in strengthening our technology and digitalisation as our AXA new DNA of way of working and at the same time incessantly elevating our People’s capabilities,” said Safinas Mohd Ibrahim, AXA’s Chief People Officer.

Safinas added, “As it is aptly said, being strong is our only choice thus it is imperative that we must quantum leap our workforce digitalisation and innovation horizon in tandem with our transformative technology and digitalisation strategy. The end game is to ascertain the sustainability of our workforce management as that will directly impact and create sustainable values for our stakeholders.”

As part of its journey to become the ‘Most Inspiring Company to Work For’ by 2023, AXA is committed to foster inclusiveness, innovation, as well as inspire personal and professional growth among its employees. In line with its new Employer Value Proposition (known as ‘3i’ – inclusive, innovative and inspiring), AXA envisions to contribute towards building a positive employee experience.

Built digital capabilities to future-proof workforce

Recognising that digitalisation is the key enabler in a disruptive environment, AXA is focused on continuously driving simplification and efficiency through the adoption of digitalisation in the workplace.

Safinas said, “The workforce landscape is changing so rapidly as more and more skills and capabilities will become obsolete in the near future. Hence, we are determined to upskill and reskill our People, while in parallel we are building digital capabilities as a catalyst for future workforce readiness in AXA.”

In conjunction with its inaugural FutureFest recently, AXA has launched the AXA Digital Faculty 4.0 to provide various digital upskilling programmes. This will not only improve digital maturity and skills amongst employees, but also encourage digital practices in AXA to increase efficiency in the best interest of its customers.

Launched new ways of learning in the new normal

With the growing importance of new capabilities and soft skills, AXA has invested in Learning and Development programmes to promote new ways of learning in the new normal. AXA has leveraged on various technology and online educational platforms such as its own YES Learning platform and LinkedIn that offers over 7,000 online courses. Employees are empowered to take charge of their virtual learning anytime and anywhere they wish, 30 minutes or more every week via the platforms provided.

The digital platforms have proven to be pivotal in supporting employees to stay connected, engaged and collaborate with each other throughout the movement control order period. As of last month, AXA has recorded a total of 8,556 hours of LinkedIn Learning and organised 76 online virtual learning sessions.

Promoted design thinking and innovative skills

AXA believes that an impactful way to enrich an employees’ working experience is through providing avenues for personal and professional growth. To accelerate employees in preparation for Industry 4.0, AXA deep dived into specific design thinking and innovative skills through talent development programmes such as LUMA and AXApreneur, while continuing to build on change mindset among employees across different divisions.

To date, 40 employees have been certified as LUMA practitioners in human-centered design to promote innovative thinking at work. In June 2020, AXA has implemented the AXApreneur Special Edition programme to develop 10 new innovative product ideas in response to the pandemic. Under the close guidance of the senior management team, 4 products have been approved and are currently undergoing preparations for launch next year. 

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