UMW collaborates with MITSUI for the commercialization of green products.

UMW GRANTT Launches Its Maiden Range Of Bio Hydraulic Lubricants


UMW GRANTT International Sdn. Bhd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the UMW Group, and the producer of GRANTT lubricants, today introduced its maiden range of bio hydraulic lubricants, its inaugural foray into the green product line-up. The GRANTT Bio VG Hydraulic Oil was launched by Dato’ Seri Ir. Dr. Zaini Ujang, Secretary General, Ministry of Environment and Water at the International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (“IGEM”) 2022, Southeast Asia’s largest trade event for green technologies and eco solutions, at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

The GRANTT Bio VG Hydraulic Oil, produced from locally sourced palm oil, is formulated with triglyceride and additives that provide for excellent lubrication capabilities which is equivalent if not better than the conventional lubricants. The environment friendly GRANTT Bio VG Hydraulic Oil is biodegradable in 28 days, non-bioaccumulative and non-toxic. The GRANTT Bio VG Hydraulic Oil is ideal for various industries as it provides superior anti-wear protection, corrosion protection, rust protection and has good antifoam characteristics. It also has high thermal and oxidation stability. The GRANTT Bio VG Hydraulic Oil is targeted for customers sourcing for affordable and sustainable hydraulic lubricants without compromising performance.

The GRANTT Bio VG Hydraulic Oil is produced in two variants, VG46 and VG68, and is available in two sizes, 18 litres pail and 209 litres drum. Compared with its conventional counterpart, the higher Viscosity Index (“VI”) in both variants provide stable viscosity over wider temperature range. The GRANTT Bio VG Hydraulic Oil meets the various international standards such as ISO 15380: HETG, ISO 20763, OECD 301 as well as ASTM D943. The products had also obtained the MyHijau certification, which is an official green recognition scheme endorsed by the Government of Malaysia.

At the same event, UMW Group’s wholly owned subsidiary, UMW M&E Sdn. Bhd., entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with Mitsui & Co. (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (“Mitsui”) to promote and market green products and services to ESG-conscious companies in ASEAN as well as other overseas markets. Leveraging on the growing demand for sustainable products and services as well as Mitsui’s strong sales and marketing foothold globally, the MOU paves the way for the commercialisation of UMW’s proprietary green products. The collaboration could be further extended to market and distribute other third-party green products, services and solutions that are mutually beneficial to both parties.

The MOU was signed by Dato’ Ahmad Fuaad Kenali, President and Group CEO, UMW Holdings Berhad and Daiji Kojima, Managing Director, Mitsui & Co. (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Present to witness the exchange of the MOU documents were Dato’ Seri Ir. Dr. Zaini Ujang, Secretary General, Ministry of Environment and Water and Datuk Hiswani Harun, Board Member, Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Centre (“MGTC”).

Consistent with its commitment to developing in-house capabilities as well as inculcating a culture of innovation and high-performance, the UMW Group is actively identifying and exploring opportunities in two key areas – the emerging mobility solutions and sustainable innovations. Supported by UMW’s Innovation and Research & Development Centre, UMW M&E had also developed UMW Battery Management Service (“UMW BMS”).

UMW BMS value proposition for the maintenance and revival of all types of lead-acid batteries, using its proprietary revival process with patented algorithm, not only saves cost but also protects the environment from hazardous pollution as it reduces soil contamination caused by acids / electrolytes hazard. UMW BMS, which is certified by SIRIM and MyHijau, extends battery life up to two cycles, enabling significant cost savings as well as reduction in waste. The solution targets users of starter batteries for cars, trucks and buses, as well as traction batteries for forklifts and buggies.

In commenting on the MOU, Daiji Kojima, Managing Director, Mitsui & Co. (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. said, “Mitsui has identified our material issues or materiality, which includes “Securing sustainable supply of essential products”, “Enhance quality of life”, “Create an eco-friendly society”, for the sustainable growth of both society and the company with the aim of earning trust and meeting expectations of stakeholders as well as pursuing our corporate mission “Build brighter futures, everywhere”.

Mitsui has set a goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 and today, we are actively expanding our business in various new areas such as recycling, battery value chain and other environmental solutions. Having this opportunity to work with the UMW Group has given Mitsui a strong foothold towards achieving our goal and at the same time it is in line with the Malaysian Government’s direction to address climate change in Malaysia.”

Dato’ Ahmad Fuaad Kenali, President and Group CEO, UMW Holdings Berhad remarked, “With over 60 years experience in the lubricants industry, the UMW Group has successfully developed its first bio-lubricant product range, driven by the growing demand for greener lubricants to address concerns over the environment. The GRANTT Bio VG Hydraulic Oil has been graded against international standards and has undergone vigorous tests on our hydraulic industrial equipment.”

“With the mutual aim to provide environment-friendly products and services, the signing of the MOU paves the way for UMW and Mitsui to generate growth along the green value chain as well as promote the sustainability agenda.”

“We hope to continue to build on our capabilities with the support of our partners and principals to introduce advanced and sustainable products to meet the requirements of the increasingly discerning customers. Innovation and green products are among the key enablers that will accelerate our journey towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2050,” added Dato’ Fuaad.

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