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MEDKAD, an innovative medical benefits automation system was one of the early adopters of Digi Omni, an all-in-one solution for business phone needs. Backed by Digi’s high quality 4G LTE network, Omni allows business owners to make, receive and manage calls with a virtual receptionist through a landline number without the need for office desk phones. The service, which was introduced in 2018, has benefitted several companies in the healthcare industry, where real-time response is important.

Prior to using Omni, MEDKAD could not rely on the call forwarding service from their previously employed system as their customers could only be rerouted to a single number. After launching their very own Omni call centre in May 2018, they were able to make use of the multiple extensions and virtual receptionist capabilities of the service to improve their customer’s impression on their professionalism and credibility.

MEDKAD Sdn Bhd Co-Founder, Ahmad Azlan Ahmad Shah says, “Our main concern is always on our team’s response to customer queries which have improved tremendously since we used Omni. As we began to attract more established companies as our clients, we noticed their requirements for us to have a call centre to manage their staff queries. With Omni, we can fulfil their requests at a very affordable rate.”

At the end of 2018, MEDKAD attempted to enlist an external call centre service to manage after office hour queries from their clients apart from using Omni for their regular calls made during the day. However, they noticed that their customers had a preference to dial their Omni number as they were able to receive more personalised service from the MEDKAD team.

With Omni, they were able to utilise the multiple fall-back options if they missed the first call via the app, which includes call forwarding to their mobile numbers. Besides that, MEDKAD also made use of the call recording feature as an audit trail which was useful in monitoring and reviewing their team’s response to their customers.

Omni is also the preferred choice for DoctorOnCall, Malaysia’s first and largest Online Doctor consultation platform that connects patients via chat, phone and video calls.

The platform helps customers to get medical advice online from Malaysia’s Board Registered Doctors through its intuitive website, as well as getting medications delivered to the doorstep. Its vision is to provide a convenient and affordable alternative for all Malaysians to connect with qualified doctors regardless of geographical location or physical limitation.

DoctorOnCall Chief Operating Officer, Chiak Tang explained that they chose Omni as they were satisfied with the seamless implementation into their existing services and affordability.

“Prior to Omni, our customers typically reached out to us via email and chat function. With Omni, we are able to serve a wider range of customers requests – patients can now reach DoctorOnCall on-demand and immediately, which saves precious time,” he says.

Unlike existing solutions in the market, with Omni, business owners can choose from a wide range landlines based on their preferred prefixes, which are currently offered from the following states,  Kuala Lumpur (03), Penang (04), Perak (05), Johor (07) and Sarawak (082).

To save time, businesses can also utilise Omni’s call routing feature to efficiently direct their customers to the right individuals or departments. This can be easily done by configuring the virtual receptionist and call menus based on their team’s size and structure.

Besides that, businesses are able to send professional business text messages via the landline number in response to their customers who contact them.

Additionally, with voice to text transcription technology, call recordings and voicemails left by customers will be transcribed into text and emailed to the business owners to review on-the-go.

Omni simplifies the process for businesses when handling customer queries and making outbound sales calls. This empowers business owners and their employees to focus on their customers and business growth and be able to embrace being on-the-go without worrying about missing business opportunities.

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