NanoMalaysia Berhad wins Gold award and most innovative product for graphene-based inventions and announces new collaborations at ITEX 2023.

NanoMalaysia Berhad Wins Gold Award And Most Innovative Product


NanoMalaysia Berhad participated in and showcased two inventions leading to a gold medal and most innovative product award at the 34th International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX) 2023 held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre recently.

The gold medal in the Automotive, Aerospace, Aviation and Transportation Category was awarded for the new type of pre-cured tread liner rubber compound called Graphene Pre-Cured Tread Liner, which incorporates a small amount of graphene M-15. This product has been developed in collaboration with GIIB Rubber Compound Sdn Bhd under the Invention & Design Competition category. Graphene Pre-Cured Tread Liner is the first graphene-infused pre-cured tread liner in Malaysia. This product has many applications in countries with diverse climates and extreme road conditions, such as Europe and Saudi Arabia, and offers extended tire lifetime and cost savings. Recycled carbon black has also been used in the formulation, reducing the carbon footprint and supporting green technology.

The second invention which won the Malaysia Innovative Product Award is a graphene-based nanofluid called AQUENE, which enhances heat transfer at all heat exchange interfaces and rapidly rejects heat from conditioned spaces. This product has been developed in collaboration with Blue Snow Consulting and Engineering Sdn Bhd under the Malaysia Innovative Product Award (MIPA) category. The nanofluid saves 20-30% of energy and is environmentally friendly. It is ideal for various closed-loop cooling and heating applications and reduces the runtime of compressors, resulting in significant energy savings.

In addition to the two inventions, NanoMalaysia Berhad also exchanged documents with Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) and Ideria Sdn Bhd, a spinoff of UniMAP. NanoMalaysia Berhad and UniMAP have signed a Contract Research Agreement (CRA) on Scale Up Of Reduced Graphene Oxide (RGO) from Oil Palm Trunk (OPT). The project focuses on a sustainable method of converting oil palm trunks (OTP) to reduced grapheneoxide, which can be used for sensors, composite materials, nanofluids, energy storage, and more, in line with the 4th Industrial Revolution. The project has also won the gold medal in the Agriculture Category.

NanoMalaysia Berhad and Ideria Sdn Bhd have signed an MOU to develop an RGO-based Air Monitoring Sensor for Indoor and Outdoor Environments. The project involves the development of an Intelligent Indoor Air Sensing System with off-the-shelf array sensors coupled with and highly tuned in-house fabrication sensor with an Intelligent Algorithm for Proof-of-concept detection and feasibility study on the screening of multiple types of bio-aerosol air contaminants. The synergy between UniMAP and iDeria Sdn Bhd in developing RGO and its usage shows the commercialisation gaps being addressed by NanoMalaysia Berhad under the umbrella of nanotechnology through its unique Venture Builder investment model for activation of relevant value and supply chains.

NanoMalaysia Berhad Chief Executive Officer Dr Rezal Khairi Ahmad said: “We are excited to participate in ITEX 2023 and showcase our latest graphene-based inventions being the fruits of our Venture Builder investment model under the previous and current Malaysia Plans. We expect our products to significantly and positively impact the industry and the environment. Our collaborations with UniMAP and Ideria Sdn Bhd serve as examples and catalysts for other start-ups, SMEs and universities, thus opening up new avenues for research, innovation and commercialisation.”

UniMAP Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dato’ Ts. Dr Zaliman Sauli said: “Our university has a strong reputation for excellence in engineering and technology, and this collaboration will enable us to apply our expertise to an important area of research. By combining our resources and knowledge with those of NanoMalaysia Berhad, we can accelerate progress in this field and make a real difference in people’s lives worldwide.”

Ideria Sdn Bhd Managing Director Dr Ammar bin Zakaria said: “We are thrilled to be partnering with NanoMalaysia Berhad on this important initiative. We recognise the importance of investing in research and development to drive innovation and create new growth opportunities. This collaboration with them will allow us to work closely with some of the brightest minds in the field and develop new solutions that will impact people’s lives.”

ITEX 2023 is being held on 11 and 12 May at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and is an annual event that provides a platform for showcasing innovative inventions and technologies from around the world. The event aims to promote creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship among individuals and organisations and provide a platform for networking and collaboration.

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