MyIX and MDEC continue with nation-building efforts to make Malaysia a data centre hub


The Malaysia Internet Exchange (MyIX) recently hosted the “Kuala Lumpur Peering Asia 3.0” event designed to encourage discussion of contemporary topics in internet interconnection with support from the Malaysia Network Operators Group (MyNOG).

MyIX is an initiative under the Malaysian Communications Multimedia Commission through the operation of local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to connect and exchange Internet traffic locally.

It was established to keep Malaysian Internet traffic local by promoting and allowing direct connectivity among local independent service providers (ISPs).

MyIX is the country’s only non-profit national internet exchange body and operated by industry in Malaysia.

Its chairman Chiew Kok Hin (right in pic) said that, to date, MyIX has 110 members/peers with 100% coverage for both fixed and mobile service providers, including recently signed-up peers such as Netflix and China Mobile International.

“Throughout Southeast Asia, MyIX offers the lowest port fees with capability of reaching to all Malaysian internet users in a single connection,” stated Chiew.

At Kuala Lumpur Peering Asia 3.0, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) was well represented by its head of cloud and data centres department Tan Tze Meng (left in pic) who delivered an insightful presentation on “Malaysia: A New Route for Submarine Cables”.

According to Tan, the Straits of Melaka is an extremely strategic waterway in Southeast Asia: “It is the main route for shipping between the Indian Ocean and South China Sea and beyond.”

“It is time for Malaysia to play greater role in providing a new subsea cable route for Southeast Asia,” said Tan.

“Data is driving the world’s economies and nowhere is it more apparent than in Asia. The region traditionally lagged Western nations in terms of technology but thanks to government backing and lighting fast uptake, Asia’s digital economy has become a force to be reckoned with.”

Malaysia rising as an ideal environment for data centres

Tan said that, as a location for data centres, Malaysia has risen as an ideal environment.

“Our country’s diversified economic base and strategic central location in between China, Indonesia and India, which are the emerging and high growth economies of the world, makes it seem ideal. Malaysia has also proven to not only be one of the most cost competitive countries in the world but also possessed of a government that fantastic business-friendly to international clients and investors.”

“MDEC is working hard to nurture and accelerate a conducive data centre and cloud services ecosystem within Malaysia, and for more companies to host their data services here,” Tan said, adding his praise for MyIX in nation-building efforts.

“MyIX recently completed its network refresh to 100 Gps port capabilities. The upgrade will enable Malaysia’s bandwidth expansion for the next five years, in addition to managing growing Internet usage,” said Tan.

Meanwhile, MyIX is also encouraging international ISPs and content providers to invest further in Malaysia.

“By having foreign ISPs and content providers setting their regional networks here, it will reduce the network charges of consuming international content,” said MyIX’s Chiew.