A Step Forward in International Sustainability Advocacy.

KVG And Vfl Wolfsburg Ink Strategic Collaboration


Kenaf Venture Global (KVG) signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with Vfl Wolfsburg to advocate on sustainability promotion at a higher level. KVG was represented by its Executive Director, Irfan Hadi Jazman Shahar while Vfl Wolfsburg was represented by its Managing Director, Michael Meeske, for the signing.

The partnership includes sponsorship under KVG in the effort of commercialising advanced green material sourced from kenaf. The commercialisation shall be a catalyst to a vaster awareness and especially the cooperation involving the football players. It also intends to be the tool to give back to the community through the Corporate Youth Program. In this program, Malaysian youth talents will be polished for sports, particularly football.

Commenting on the partnership, “all initiatives that KVG is committed to always aim to produce monetary outcomes for economic development, values to the society and benefits to the environment. Through our cooperation with Vfl Wolfsburg, we are confident that it can contribute to the attainment of net zero emission”, said Irfan Hadi.

He further commented on the newly officialised cooperation, “we are confident that far-reaching impact to the common world agenda for a low-carbon future can be achieved through this collaboration, especially with a local entity of a prudent nation for an advanced and a more sustainable future”.

Fibre-based advanced green material is a solution for the worrying trends of non eco-friendly material usage across all sectors. Recognising the uncharted benefits that it can offer across diverse sectors, KVG is keen to primarily see more applications of natural fibre in the automotive sector, prompted by this collaboration.

Additionally, the MoA also opens an opportunity for the local Malaysian youth to polish the skills in football. KVG is interested in preparing the selected youth for future possible career paths. Leveraging the expertise from the Vfl Wolfsburg team, the cooperation shall be handy for the formation of the KVG Football Corporate Youth Program.

Recognising Germany as a nation that prioritises sustainability development, KVG is poised to be cooperating with Vfl Wolfsburg. It is believed that awareness creation from the sponsorship program between the two parties can reach out to a wider audience perspective to turn the potential into possibility.

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