KAB champions a diverse energy mix: powering Malaysia's diversification of low carbon portfolios.

KAB Champions A Diverse Energy Mix


Sustainable Energy & Engineering Solutions Specialist Kinergy Advancement Berhad (“KAB” or “Group”) is upbeat on its outlook and strategic advancements, which are in line with the nation’s renewable and sustainable energy initiatives. Reflecting insights from a research report by Datametrics Research and Information Centre (“DARE”) titled “A Comparative Analysis of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Platforms in Malaysia,” KAB is driving forward with transformative projects that align with Malaysia’s National Energy Transition Roadmap (“NETR”) and National Energy Policy (“NEP”).

The research report dated 15th December 2023 provides a detailed, multifaceted examination of Malaysia’s renewable energy landscape, offering insights into various sustainable platforms and their potential impacts. DARE’s findings highlight the critical distinction between renewable and sustainable energy, underscoring the role of carbon offset in Malaysia’s green initiatives. Pankaj Kumar, Managing Director of DARE, highlights the significance of adaptable technologies such as Cogen and WHR, citing successful international models.

KAB’s application of sustainable technologies in real-world scenarios has led to tangible successes. A prime example is their project for Safran Group, an esteemed aerospace company, at its sole Malaysia subsidiary in Sendayan, Seremban. The WHR initiative led to substantial energy savings at the facility. This project not only highlights KAB’s expertise in energy-efficient solutions but also cements its reputation as an ASEAN leader in green technology.

KAB’s adoption of these technologies, along with their recent Bioenergy partnership with Agromate Holdings Sdn Bhd, exemplifies their proactive approach to addressing Malaysia’s renewable energy requirements and contributing to the global shift towards sustainable energy. KAB’s array of sustainable projects demonstrates their alignment with these insights, proving that environmental sustainability can coexist with economic benefits and investment returns.

The Group’s transformation initiatives resonate with the findings of the DARE report, addressing the increasing demand for clean, renewable, and energy-efficient solutions, and are in line with its mission to balance immediate value delivery with sustainable system integration.

Highlighting this commitment, KAB’s recent ventures, including breakthroughs in Cogeneration (“Cogen”), Waste Heat Recovery (“WHR”), and Gas-fired Power Plants, exemplify its dedication to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These efforts are instrumental in facilitating a smooth energy transition, directly echoing the report’s strategic recommendations and aligning seamlessly with Malaysia’s ambitious 2050 renewable energy targets.

Dato’ Lai Keng Onn (“Dato’ Lai”), the Executive Deputy Chairman cum Group Managing Director of KAB remarked, “Aligning with the insights from the research report, we are more confident than ever in our mission to push innovation forward in the renewable energy sector. Our projects and initiatives are not just business strategies; they are our contributions to the global energy shift towards a sustainable future for Malaysia and beyond.”

“This alignment with national and global energy goals propels us to continue our journey in sustainable energy, ensuring that our growth is both environmentally responsible and economically viable,” he further added.

Effective 18 December 2023, KAB proudly joins the FTSE4Good Bursa Malaysia (F4GBM) Index. This inclusion, coupled with its achievement of a 3 Stars ESG Rating for two consecutive years (2021 and 2022), and a full listing is expected very soon from FTSE Russell for 2023, underscores KAB’s commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles.

KAB’s direction is clear – to lead in the transition to sustainable energy while maintaining robust economic growth. This positions KAB as an attractive prospect for investors looking to contribute to sustainable development. With a strong foundation in engineering sustainable energy technologies and a keen focus on innovative solutions, KAB is poised for significant growth in the years to come.

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