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Ana Tomy with Crunch by Nuffnang unveil Ana Tomy x Crunch Goals Planner


Everyone has their own version of success, dreams and goals in life. Goals planning is something that Crunch by Nuffnang tries to cultivate within their Crunch Community because, without a clear end goal, no dream will be able to become a reality. Hence, together with Ana Tomy, the Crunch Goals Planner was released to act as a guide to create goals with an action plan.

The fully guided goals planner is crafted and curated for go-getters who want to stay accountable to their own goals – supporting them in their journey to become the best version of themselves.

The collaboration between Ana Tomy and Crunch is built around the essence that Ana Tomy is a homegrown Malaysian brand which believes in supporting the creative community by serving products that help to encourage creativity and diversity, which is in line with Crunch’s mission – to create a safe space where passionate and driven young people can inspire and keep each other accountable to achieve their goals.

“With this planner, we want to take you through a guided journey from understanding what truly matters to you, how to break down your long-term goals into short term goals, how to keep yourself accountable to it, and understanding what works and doesn’t work for you. This is so you can carve out an intentional journey to become the best version of yourself,” said Emily Goh, the Product Lead of Crunch by Nuffnang.

“This is the first time we’re introducing a fully-guided planner. It is an exciting process for us as we’ve never done anything similar. We’ve successfully unified the Ana Tomy and Crunch DNA into one simple product that we’d all love to use ourselves,” said Zeejay Wong, the Creative Director of Ana Tomy.

To celebrate this launch, Ana Tomy and Crunch by Nuffnang recently hosted a close-knit event in the presence of young, passionate and driven individuals, such as Cecilia Ooi and Maxine Khor, founders of Bash Clothing, and Careen Tan, founder of The White Atelier and co-founder of Wishful.

The fun-filled and close-knit event launch was hosted in the cosy Ana Tomy store located at Zhongshan Building, Kampung Attap, where the team behind Ana Tomy and Crunch shared about the planner, ways the audience can use it to achieve their goals and the value of what it stands for.

The Crunch Goals Planner will take you on a journey to discover what truly matters to you, realign what your priorities should be, and take you through the necessary steps to see through your long-term goals and ensure you achieve them. To keep yourself more accountable to ensure you’re always on track, this planner includes segments allowing you to break down each of your long-term goals into short-term goals with 8 different key milestones.

To find out more about the Crunch Goals Planner, visit Ana Tomy’s website, or follow Ana Tomy and Crunch on Instagram.

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