Vettons Aims to Redefine eCommerce, Launching this 7/7

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In the world of e-commerce, a significant event is about to take place next Tuesday, 7 July 2020.

Vettons is set for its Official Launch that day, and it would be a virtual event streamed on Facebook at 8.00pm (Malaysian time).

According to it’s head of technology Stanley Yong, Vettons is “driven by our passion to redefine the offline ecosystem, while enabling a new one to by humanising digital technology to empower consumers”.

“Essentially, it is about ‘shopping made smarter’,” emphasised Yong.

This is against the backdrop of retailers struggling to personalise experiences offered to different generations.

“Almost half of retailers admit that they have not made progress in tailoring the in-store shopping experience to cater for different generations,” said Yong, quoting a study by

This is where Vettons come in.

Vettons Launch
Vettons aims to fulfill all needs of nex-gen smart shoppers

“At Vettons, we understand the ongoing shift in demographics, and we are committed to blurring the boundaries between offline and online commerce in our quest to fulfil the personalised needs of each customer,” he said, describing Vettons as “a marketplace for a new generation of smarter shoppers”.

“New retail signals the convergence of physical retail with the rapid digitisation of the industry. To be able to respond quickly to such demands, it is critical to employ the latest technologies and humanise them for greater speed and agility.”

Vettons is guided by a vision to enable the new retail ecosystem throughout Malaysia and other countries throughout the region.

As a result, the company is aligning its innovative solutions with ever-evolving market trends, while “humanising digital technologies to empower consumers with memorable experiences.”

“It is only through valuable customer experiences and a high level of customer satisfaction that companies can realise growth and sustainable success with their e-commerce ventures,” said Yong.

Vettons is also a fully Malaysian company, and on a mission to support local initiatives.

Although low profile thus far on the corporate scene, Vettons nevertheless has caught the eye of Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley’s APAC CIO Outlook recently labelled Vettons as “Company of the Year” in its recent e-commerce magazine.

As for the 7/7 Official Launch of Vettons, Yong described it as a “special day with great things to look forward to”.

“The event would showcase how Vettons is at the forefront of the new retail revolution, and how Vettons lives and breathes innovation for the greater good of the e-commerce ecosystem.”

To register for the launch, please click here.

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