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Talent Development Initiatives Among New CSR Programmes from MyIX


In a development aimed at fostering a robust workforce for Malaysia’s fast growing Digital Economy, the Malaysia Internet Exchange (MyIX) has announced that its latest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative will focus on developing Malaysian talent to meet the country’s growing demand.

“This initiative is not just about technological advancement but also serves as a commitment to nurture the very talent that promises to steer the nation into a prosperous digital future,” said Deputy Chairman Mr Lam Leong Kien.

He was speaking during the exchange’s recently concluded Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM – pic above).

Called the ‘MyIX Talent Development Programme’, the initiative would be held in collaboration with the reputable Forward College of Technology & Future Skills.

Its aim is to bridge existing gaps between academic learnings and industry requirements, fostering a new generation of professionals endowed with market-ready skills that are keenly sought after in the contemporary digital landscape.

“Poised to further enhance Malaysia’s position as a significant player on the global stage, the initiative represents a beacon of excellence in talent development, more so since Malaysia’s Digital Economy is anticipated to grow to reach 25.5% of GDP contribution by the year 2025, or more than RM382 billion,” said Lam.

Slated to commence soon, the programme sets its sights on empowering two critical segments of the populace: recent graduates aspiring to forge careers in the internet industry, and working professionals from member companies keen on refreshing and enhancing their skill sets.

Embarking on the Network Infrastructure track, participants will undergo a 5-7 day intensive training regimen, an enriching journey that promises both theoretical knowledge and hands-on expertise in pivotal areas such as IP Network and Systems Operations.

Topics ranging from routing, BGP, RPKI, ROA, AS-SET, and peering, to DNS, DNSSEC, traffic monitoring and analysis, NMS, and DDoS prevention strategies, will be covered extensively.

“The initiative aims to be more than just a learning avenue; it envisages being a nurturing centre for individuals to become agile and adept, ready to tackle real-world challenges with a fresh perspective and renewed skill set,” said Lam.

Taking up a pivotal role in this noble initiative, Forward College is entrusted with the responsibilities of advertisement and marketing, candidate identification and selection, registration and orchestrating the training sessions. The college’s expertise and dedication will be instrumental in crafting a programme that is both in tune with industry demands and forward-thinking in its approach.

As the programme culminates, participants will be rewarded with a certificate of completion, a testimony to their newly acquired skills and readiness to contribute positively to the industry.

Furthermore, member companies will be presented with the golden opportunity to engage with the fresh talent pool, potentially catalysing a new wave of innovation and growth within the Malaysian internet sector.

“By fostering a community of knowledgeable and capable professionals, MyIX is laying the groundwork for a brighter, digitally empowered Malaysia, reaffirming its commitment not only to bolster the internet infrastructure of the nation but also to nurturing the talent that will spearhead the nation’s journey into a vibrant digital future,” said Lam.

In another development, the exchange also announced the MyIX Fellowship Programme at the EGM.

This initiative offers a select number of fellowships to member organisations, enabling technical staff to partake in enriching workshops conducted by the Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) during the annual APRICOT conference, starting with Apricot 2024 which will be held in February 2024 in Bangkok, Thailand.

This strategic move aims to enhance the industry-related skills of technical personnel, gearing them up to navigate the fast-evolving digital landscape proficiently.

Participants of the programme can look forward to deepening their understanding in crucial areas such as IPv6 Deployment and Internet Routing/RPKI, which are becoming increasingly vital in fostering a secure and efficient internet environment.

Moreover, the workshops will offer expertise in Information/Network Security and DNS/DNSSEC, equipping members with the necessary knowledge to safeguard digital assets and ensure the integrity of internet communications.

“The MyIX Fellowship Programme stands as a testament to MyIX’s dedication to nurturing talent and fostering innovation in the industry. By providing a platform where learning meets opportunity, MyIX is not only facilitating internet exchanges but is also shaping the future of Malaysia’s internet sector with foresight and excellence,” concluded Lam.

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