Skymind Delivers AI System to Hospital Tunku Azizah Kuala Lumpur


Skymind Holdings (Skymind), the world’s first dedicated Artificial Intelligence (AI) ecosystem builder, recently delivered Axial AI-based system to Hospital Tunku Azizah Kuala Lumpur in its mission to advance the adoption of analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) in clinical and healthcare research on COVID-19 in Malaysia.

Running on systems from United Imaging Intelligence, the technology to enable machine learning and deep learning applications in the Axial AI system is using Skymind’s technology Eclipse DL4J. It takes less than 30 minutes to install the AI Supercomputer. This system is designed to work on-premise.

“Using our platform Eclipse DL4J, we have designed the Axial AI system to be used by the people who work with patient’s data and have the contextual understanding, including doctors and clinicians,” said Shawn Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Skymind Holdings.

“With the platform, we give them the ability to bring all the relevant patient information together, curate the data and use the power of AI to support precision diagnosis, early intervention and greater medical efficiency,” he added.

The Axial AI system is not built specifically for the CoVid-19 purpose but being a software development toolkit, it can also develop AI diagnosis systems for other diseases which the hospital requires

Skymind and the Skymind Laboratory of Neurobionix Research in Shanghai, China (Skymind Neurobionix), recently announced their intention to collaborate and provide support for the use of the Axial AI system (pic) and related services to Malaysia’s Ministry of Health.

This is an AI system that has been used at more than 60 Covid-19 specialised hospitals across China including Huo Shen Shan and Lei Shen Shan Hospitals in Wuhan..

Being an on premise solution, the Axial AI system delivered to the Hospital Tunku Azizah ensures that no other entity apart from the hospital staff has access to patient’s sensitive data which is in compliance with Malaysia’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

The collaboration will see Skymind Neurobionix extend the knowledge and expertise of its team led by Prof Xu Zhang, an academician with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China who were experienced in combating the COVID-19 in China working together with researchers in Malaysia on current and future COVID-19 research.

The outcome of this collaboration is to link clinical researchers in Malaysia to the research community in China. Subsequently, this collaboration would be extended into the broader scope of AI-based research in clinical and medical fields.

This system is not specific only for COVID-19 but it can also help with other illnesses like cancer detection, in partnership with Malaysia’s National Institute of Health.

Director-General of Ministry of Health, Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said, “We are seeing a strong response from the private sector who are lending a helping hand in Malaysia’s fight against COVID-19. The contribution from Skymind will help the medical staff conducting clinical research to provide useful information and understanding on COVID-19 in Malaysia. This will be a steep learning curve for us all within the health sector. With all hands-on deck, we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of all people – your health remains our priority.”

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