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Sabasco on Klang Valley Tour: 2-for-1 Deal on Offer


The Klang Valley is witnessing a gastronomic spectacle as Sabasco, the fast-growing hot sauce sensation, embarks on a riveting nationwide roadshow.

Originating from the vibrant lands of Sabah, this culinary adventure invites Malaysians to embark on a flavourful journey that promises a sensory extravaganza like no other.

An offering from SugarBun Borneo Asian Food and a brainchild of Borneo Oil Bhd (BornOil), Sabasco has quickly established a fervent following since its launch in 2021. Now, the innovative hot sauce is set to tour the Klang Valley, sharing its story, taste and the distinct heritage it represents (scroll down for details).

“Sabasco is not merely a hot sauce; it’s a culinary testament to Sabah’s agricultural richness and bountiful nature,” said Sri Ganesh Balasubramaniam, the General Manager of BornOil subsidiary SB Supplies and Logistics Sdn Bhd (right in pic).

“Crafted from the rare momporok chilli, it symbolises the culmination of the region’s diverse ecology and the tireless work of its dedicated farmers. Every bottle of Sabasco embodies the spirit of Sabah, infusing meals with a narrative of the region’s vibrant farming heritage.”

Ganesh, a key driver behind Sabasco’s creation and marketing, underscored the unique identity Sabasco holds in the global sauce market.

“The momporok chilli, native to Sabah, is the heart and soul of Sabasco. The unique combination of its fiery heat and flavour imparts a distinct character to the sauce. The rich, loamy soils of Kunak, where our farmers painstakingly nurture these chillies, imbue Sabasco with its unique depth and dimension,” he explained.

Paying homage to the land and the cultivators, Sabasco encapsulates the symbiotic relationship between nature and mankind.

“Every drop of Sabasco reflects the resilience and passion of these cultivators, who work relentlessly, weathering numerous challenges to preserve Sabah’s agricultural legacy. Our sauce is a tribute to their unwavering commitment to nurturing these rare chillies,” said Ganesh.

He further emphasised that Sabasco is a  representation of Sabah’s diverse landscapes.

“The myriad ecological zones in Sabah, from the coastal lowlands to the high mountainous terrains, contribute to the momporok chilli’s complex flavour profile. Our aim is to capture this natural diversity and encapsulate it in each bottle of Sabasco.”

As Sabasco embarks on its promotional tour, it promises a tantalizing exploration of Sabah’s unique agricultural legacy.

“Sabasco represents the culmination of generations of farming wisdom, a spirit of innovation, and an unwavering commitment to quality. It’s a tribute to Sabah’s unique landscapes and its dedicated farmers.”

The roadshow promises more than just an event; it’s a cultural and culinary festival, celebrating Sabasco’s journey from the lush chilli fields of Sabah to the cosmopolitan dinner tables of Kuala Lumpur and beyond.

Attendees can look forward to an immersive experience, tasting all four variants of Sabasco – the classic Original, the Sweet and Spicy, the invigorating Green, and the exceptional ‘AI Tok Sai’ flavour. This tour offers a rare chance to savor these culinary wonders and comprehend the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into every bottle.

The tour also offers an irresistible promotion – consumers who buy any two bottles of Sabasco will receive a complimentary bottle of the exclusive ‘AI Tok Sai’ sauce. This offer invites you to step out of your comfort zone, to surrender to curiosity and dive headfirst into the exciting world of Sabasco.

“Sabasco’s roadshow is not just a culinary event but a doorway into a world of exquisite taste and craftsmanship. It signifies an ambitious new chapter in Sabasco’s story, promising to introduce the flavours of Sabah’s chilli to every corner of Malaysia,” said Ganesh.

“An unforgettable culinary adventure awaits with the Sabasco roadshow. So gear up for an unparalleled journey through a world of intense flavours and vibrant stories. In the meantime, prepare for a gastronomic escapade that promises to dazzle and leave your taste buds yearning for more – Sabasco, the pride of Sabah and the new beacon of Malaysian cuisine.”

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