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MyIX Applauds Tech-Centric Policies in Malaysia Madani 2024 Budget


The Malaysia Internet Exchange (MyIX) has commended the Unity Government following the unveiling of the Malaysia Madani 2024 National Budget, which encapsulates what the exchange view as ‘visionary policies’ amidst allocations geared towards the acceleration of digital and technological advancements in the country.

Its Chairman Chiew Kok Hin said that the strategic frameworks and allocations earmarked in the budget demonstrate a vital step in ensuring that Malaysia keeps pace with the rapid evolution of digital technology on a global stage.

“The government’s initiative to further enhance various sectors through strategic tech investments and digitalisation is a nod towards a future-proof, resilient and sustainable economic environment,” said Chiew.

He further noted the commendable allocation of RM1.5 billion by GLCs and GLICs for startups and the RM170 million investment by TNB, Gentari and Tesla Malaysia for the establishment of EV charging stations as pivotal moves towards combining technological advancements with sustainable practices.

Chiew emphasised the crucial role of the internet and digital platforms in enabling and amplifying the benefits of such tech-forward initiatives: “An accessible, robust and secure internet infrastructure is foundational to the realisation of the digital ambitions outlined in the budget.”

Regarding the pragmatic approach to digital inclusivity in education and the workplace, via allocations such as RM250 million to expand WiFi access in public universities and RM100 million for students impacted by the pandemic, Chiew said that these were steps in the right direction.

“Ensuring that the academic community and the rakyat at large have equitable access to digital resources and internet connectivity is paramount in bridging digital divides and fostering an environment conducive to digital literacy and empowerment,” he said.

MyIX, as the largest Internet Exchange in Malaysia, firmly aligns itself with the national digital objectives encapsulated within the budget, committed to continuously fortifying Malaysia’s internet ecosystem to ensure seamless, secure and robust connectivity.

“By ensuring reliable and high-quality internet connectivity across the nation, we lay the digital tracks upon which the ambitious train of technological advancement and digitalisation travels,” saidChiew.

He also highlighted the significance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) in driving sustainable digitalisation.

“MyIX is steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that as we traverse the digital future, considerations towards ESG components are not only adhered to but are foundational in our operational ethos,” said Chiew.

Chiew also expressed MyIX’s continued commitment to playing an integral role in the nation’s digital transformation journey. He asserted that the exchange stands ready to navigate, contribute and collaborate towards actualising the digital, economic, and sustainable ambitions highlighted in the National Budget 2024.

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