Effendi Jagan Reflects on Being a Man City Fan Through the Decades


Licensed Fifa Match Agent and Registered FA Malaysia Players Intermediary Effendi Jagan Abdullah shares what it’s like being a Man City fan all these decades.

Having been a Manchester City fan for well over 50 years, it’s most gratifying now with City having established themselves as an European powerhouse. 

In the late seventies and early eighties the main source for immediate information and results of the English First Division were by listening to BBC World Service. Now fans are spoilt for choice as so many matches are screened live when back then I could only use my imagination as to how the matches played out.

I still recall the City players of then like Colin Bell, Joe Royle, Dave Watson, Asa Hartford, Dennis Tueart, Mike Doyle, Mick Channon, Francis Lee and so many more.

I use to have squabbles with my good friends were were supporters of the more successful teams like Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal. That was the love and loyalty I had for the club. The fans used to mock me which got me all stressed and emotional.

Now it’s a completely different scenario as I stand proud and can poke barbs at the others.

I have travelled to Maine Road, the old stadium, and also to the City of Manchester Stadium now renamed “The Etihad”. My obsession with City is so great that I have painted my 4 wheel drive in the light blue colour of City and plastered with club stickers.

Having secured the Premier League title with relative ease, I hope we will again rise to the occasion to win our first Champions League title. But it’s not going to be easy as Chelsea will be worthy opponents who have been on a great run since a change of manager.

City have tasted success in Europe when they won the European Cup Winners Cup in 1970.

City have been playing second fiddle to our neighbours for a long period of time but now we have established ourselves as the better side of Manchester. However, being in the football business… I do have business links with United these days and I admire them as they are a very well organised and managed club.

I still feel for the old City which had mostly British players… who with the limited resources worked hard and were a tough team to beat.

The team in the 1970’s and 80’s, like today, had great fighting spirit with players like Paul Power, Steve Mackenzie and many others.

One of my greatest memories of City was winning the 1978 League Cup when we beat Newcastle Utd 2-1 with Dennis Tueart getting the winner with a beautiful cycle kick…what a great player.

The May 30 final will be the perfect platform for the current City side to win the Cup for the past City teams, players and managers who were real Citizens through thick or thin.

Bell will be watching from above… cheering the new City to win and hoping they play as well as they have throughout the season.

Note: Effendi Jagan Abdullah is a Licensed Fifa Match Agent and Registered FA Malaysia Players Intermediary. His views were first published in The Vibes.

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