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BornOil Records Massive Profit Increase in FY2021

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Borneo Oil Berhad (BornOil) has announced a strong set of results for its second quarter ended 31 December 2021 with net profit soaring almost ten folds to RM10.27 million (2020: RM1.68 million).

This was posted on the back of increased revenue of RM18.37 million (2020: RM10.01 million) for the quarter.

Subsequently, BornOil posted net profit of RM14.06 million for its first financial half year, a sharp turnaround from the RM3.52 million loss posted in 2020.

In a statement to Bursa Malaysia, BornOil said that its head office and others recorded a profit before tax of RM10.79 million due to the fair value gain on quoted securities of RM12.12 million for its second quarter.

Meanwhile, its food and franchise operations posted a revenue of RM12.52 million and a profit before tax of RM0.31 million for the quarter, against revenue of RM9.29 million and a loss before tax of RM2.55 million for the previous corresponding quarter.

“The higher reported revenue was mainly due to the gradual lifting of dine-in restrictions under the National Recovery Plan and the festive season during the current quarter,” said the company.

Meanwhile, BornOil’s property investment and management segment registered revenue of RM4.86 million for the quarter with the resumption of installation activities on-site for the project management of an integrated limestone processing plant.

Despite the segment having not fully resumed its activities on the plant site, it managed to reduce the losses to the minimum with its effective cost-cutting measures, said the company.

BornOil’s resources and sustainable energy division reported revenue of RM0.98 million and a loss before tax of RM0.70 million for the quarter, against revenue of RM0.62 million and a profit before tax of RM7.50 million for the previous corresponding period.

In December 2021, BornOil executive director Datuk Joseph Ambrose Lee emerged as the company’s largest shareholder (pic above).

“BornOil has a solid asset base. Its net tangible asset is RM0.11 per share with total assets of RM824 million against total liabilities of just RM56 million,” said Ambrose.

“The company is lowly geared with just under RM20 million of short term and long term borrowings with a comfortable cash position. What’s more, it also has a long term growth strategy and business philosophy of sustainable existence.”

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