Manulife Malaysia Launches Manulife Health Saver Benefit Plan

Manulife Malaysia today announced the launch of a new medical insurance plan, Manulife Health Saver Benefit, that will enable policyholders to enjoy an immediate no claim discount (NCD) on insurance charges and empower them to actively manage their health while getting top quality health care coverage.

The new Manulife Health Saver Benefit is designed so that upon purchase, policyholders benefit from an immediate 30% NCD on insurance charges in the first policy year. Every year thereafter, they can benefit from an NCD of up to 40%. The plan provides comprehensive medical coverage that includes chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments.

Demand among Malaysians for greater financial protection has grown significantly amid the current health crisis and economic uncertainty. A Manulife customer survey conducted in late May 2020 across eight markets in Asia, including Malaysia, showed a growing recognition of the need for health coverage and financial protection among the population, with nearly two-thirds (63%) of Malaysians surveyed saying they plan to buy additional insurance in the next 18 months.¹

“With all that is happening since the past year, our policyholders have experienced dramatic life changes that will affect their mental, physical and financial well-being,” said Vibha Coburn, Chief Executive Officer of Manulife Insurance Berhad. “Manulife Health Saver Benefit offers not just a health solution and a means for our customers to stay healthy, but also supports them in a way that really matters to them right now – by easing pressure on their finances through our NCDs.”

For 57 years, Manulife Malaysia has been offering life insurance products and services, while at the same time innovating its solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers in the country. This plan is part of Manulife’s ongoing drive to make every day better for its customers.

Coburn added, “The importance of managing finances, including having adequate insurance protection, is undeniable. As a digital, customer-centric life insurance company, Manulife continuously enhances our solutions to cater to customers’ needs and provide them greater financial security. We want our policyholders to have appropriate and sufficient coverage to make their every day better.”